Kora Menegoz is from France, but she left the Alps to live in the Andes in Chile. Trained as agronomy and forest engineer, the love she has for nature and mountains led her to work as a guide. Her goal is to develop ecotourism in the beautiful Nevados de Chillán Biological Corridor Biosphere Reserve where she fell in love with the Andes Mountains for their wonderful scenery, incredible biodiversity, wild and virgin nature, nice culture and great generosity of native people… She grew up in the Alps, where she practiced trekking, mountaineering, rock-climbing, skiing and paragliding since her childhood. She got more and more experience through training courses and increasing challenges of each expedition, climbing high peaks in France, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, India, Nepal, China … Moreover her forest engineering studies (carried out in Chile) and her passion for botany and ecology allowed her to learn a lot about Chilean fauna and flora. In parallel to her ecotourism guide activities, she produces essential oils and floral waters, some of which are extracted from native plants of the Andes (Andeaë).

The other guides coming for horseback trekking or when hiking includes mules for porterage are local people who are born in the mountains, horse and goat breeders who like to share their knowledge and traditions.

Miguel Almuna was born and grew up in the heart of the Andes Mountains in a family of Andean farmers (“arrieros”). He worked for over 15 years in tourism in Linares Mountains, where he guided tourists on horseback tours, he cooked and looked after children in a holiday camp during the summer. He knows well his horses and takes care of them with lots of love.